My name is Geraldine Rodriguez and I refuse to tell give you facts and figures about my experience because it does not matter. What really matters is if you like my work. What really matters is if I was able to capture the very essence of the artist that you are through my photography. What matters is if my work is able to compliment yours.  We all were blessed with talents, my gift is about making sure the world sees you the way they should. That is why I am here. To make sure the visual elements needed for your careerhelp impact not only your audience but you as well in a positive way.  I am also not going to talk about my equipment or how long I have been in the game but I will say that like you, I am an artist. Your art is music, mine is to see music and capture it. I am just as passionate about music as you are which is why it is important to me to make sure that my photographs capture the artistic elements of who you as an artist. When people ask me what kind of equipment I use, I tell them my eyes because I only capture what I see.

If you insist on facts and figures I will be more than happy to supply them for you, but I am hoping that my work shows more than I ever could on a resume. I am honored to work with everyone and could not imagine doing anything other than what I am doing now.  Thank you for considering me to convey the message you have given me through my art.